Knights of Saint Columba 

Standing up for babies - SPUC

a big thanks to all the brothers and ladies that supported a worthy cause, in which we made up over a quarter of the supporters on the day.  This led to us taking part in a silent chain of an impressive length at the roadside hopefully getting our message across and helping people along the way, below follows an email sent to us from Anne Fearon (SPUC)

Dear all

Here are some of the photos James took today. (I've left out the one of the letterbox!)

Thank you all for being there - as I said, it is certainly the best attendance we have had for some years now.

Pete counted over 1,000 vehicles in 1hr 20 mins.
We may never know what impact today may have had on some passing motorist or bus passenger.

Some people made it clear they did not want us standing outside
their house - The shame is not that we were there, but that we live in a country which destroys nearly 200,000 of it's unborn citizens every year!

Many many thanks