Knights of Saint Columba 

Prayer for the sick

Jesus, Your coming on earth was like a new dawn over a world of darkness: the blind saw, the lame walked again, the sick were healed and the dead were raised back to life.
  Come again into the lives of everyone and heal the wounds of their broken hearts

Prayer to St. Peregrine,patron against cancer

O God who gave to St Peregrine an angel for his companion, The Mother of God for his teacher and Jesus as the physician of his malady, grant that we may on earth intensely love our Holy Angel, the Blessed Virgin Mary and our saviour,  that we may bless you forever.  Grant that we may receive the favour that we now ask.
We ask this through the same Christ Our Lord.

Prayer for the healing

Dear God
Give me patience,understanding and strength,
bring healing and peace to me, so that I may live each new day by the strength only you can give
O God of power and love, renew my mind and body and open my heart to know your love

Prayer to our Lady of mental peace

Mother of Tranquility, Mother of hope: Our Lady of Mental Peace, we reach out to you for what is essential in our weakness.
Teach a searching heart that God's love is unchanging .  That human love begins and grows by touching his love

Our Lady of Mental Peace , Pray for us

Prayer to St.Ignatius Loyola

Teach us Lord God, to serve thee as thou deservest:
To give, and not to count the cost; To fight and not to heed the wounds; To toil and not to seek for rest;
To labour and not ask for any reward, save that of  knowing that we do thy will.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.  Amen

Prayer to the sacred heart of Jesus

O God who dost deign mercifully to bestow upon us infinite treasures of love in the heart of thy son, which was wounded for our sins: grant, we beseech thee, that we who pay him the devout homage of our piety, may in like manner show unto thee our due of worthy satisfaction.
Through the same Christ Our Lord.